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  • Why do we use it?

    Rental and Renting of Sports Cars, Luxury Cars and Cars High Range in any point of the Spanish geography. We have a permanent fleet in Marbella, Madrid, and Barcelona. In our fleet of vehicles we have such prestigious brands like Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, Audi, at the best prices From the market.

  • What other services you provide

    Black Print Marbella offers a 5 * hotel for
    vehicles, it is a fully conditioned facilities.
    Car care and maintenance in our bunker with surveillance 24H.

    • 24 hour security.
    • Control of your car through our App with assigned camera.
    • Model Cars protection air cover.
    • Optimum tire pressure level.
    • Battery control and maintenance.
    • Always clean exterior / interior.
    • Control of annual maintenance dates.
    • Documentation management.
    • Start / Stop of the engine.
    • Delivery and pick up at the indicated address.
    From € 124 / month.
    We have three types of rates: Gold, Silver, Bronze.
    Consult conditions and prices of the rate that best suits your needs.

  • What is you specization

    Black Print Marbella is a Spanish company specialized in the rental, sale and maintenance of luxury vehicles.
    We have a select team, whose main purpose is give an exclusive treatment to our clients.
    We are born with a new approach of collaboration between agencies.We have special rate agreements for hotels and agencies National and International with a collaboration contract for the
    rental of our Sports Cars, Luxury Cars and Cars High Range VIP service with affordable prices.
    Model Cars takes the concept of luxury to another level in the world of engine, at the anticompromise level, to make your car fit every time your lifestyle changes without need of long procedures, presentation of endorsements, etc.

  • Why we

    Black Print Marbella was born with the commitment to become one of the reference companies and leaders of the luxury automotive sector.Therefore, thinking about our customers, we offer a wide range of range of comprehensive services that will make you just have to Worry about driving your car.
    Why…Life is too much short to drive boring cars !!

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